About Us

Our Values

Our guiding principle, simply stated, is to treat others with whom we come in contact our customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers, and communities, in the same way we would expect to be treated in similar circumstances. More specifically:
Our Customers: To provide good value, to deliver fully on our commitments, to meet or exceed service requirements, and to respond with innovativeness and personalized attention.
Our Colleagues: To provide everyone, hourly and salaried, new and veteran, with opportunities; and a safe, trusting and respectful environment to become a model for diversity, teamwork and open communications throughout our Organization.
Our Suppliers: To treat our suppliers fairly and forthrightly, to live up fully to our agreements, and to develop solid and stable long-term relationships.
Our Communities: To be good corporate citizens, respected and admired as much for our integrity, commitment, insight, and progressiveness as our financial success.